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Professors. Coaches. Mentors. Business experienced.
As the PhD students graduate to teaching and research positions so is the business school then
staffed by people who have not come from elsewhere, and do not have personal experience of
a different configuration of knowledge.
Source: Shut Down the Business School, Martin Parker, 2018


We do not teach, we support you learn

At ESEM we believe in the potential that every individual and every organisation carry inside. And that potential is not always fully uncovered, fully developed and fully realised. That is where we would like to intervene – our carefully selected faculty has the passion to ignite inherent human potential and nurture your growth and transformation to your desired end state. They are to be your teachers, mentors, and coaches. And your lifelong support network, if you choose so.

ESEM faculty and teaching partners are world-class academics and tested business practitioners at the forefront of the latest business innovations, academic concepts and managerial practices. To the classroom they bring real-world insights from extensive experience, research and work with the industry.







Right mix of international and regional professors and experts

Our unique approach is combining professors from world’s top business schools with top-notch local experts, bringing relevant and most applicable knowledge. Dedicated and accessible, they are not only professors but also individual mentors and coaches that care for students’ growth.

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