Nenad Perić, PhD

Faculty of Social Sciences; Institute for Serbian Culture


  • PhD of Communications, Faculty of Culture and Medias, Belgrade
  • MSc in Management of Culture and Media, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade
  • Specialization of Production and Management of Film and Television, VSMU, Bratislava
  • BA Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade


Current teaching activities:

  • 2020 — present: Full Professor of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Belgrade

Previous teaching activities:

  • 2009 — 2021: Professor and Dean of Faculty of Digital Arts and Professor of Faculty for Management, Metropolitan University
  • 2017 — 2021: College for Communications, Belgrade
  • 2011 — 2013: Professor of High Studies of Defence and Security (Media and Security), Military Academy, Belgrade
  • 2008 — 2010: Professor of New Frontiers of Marketing, Distribution and Distribution systems, Accademia del Lusso, Belgrade
  • 2008 — 2010: Professor at High Vocational School for Propaganda and PR, Belgrade


Current professional activities:

  • 2021 — present: Scientific Advisor, Institute for Serbian Culture, Belgrade
  • 2001 — present: Producer, Coproducer, Team Leader/Member of different projects in Culture, Media and Arts and two election campaigns (for PM and major)

Previous professional activities:

  • 1998 — 2008: Marketing Manager, NORD doo, Pančevo
  • 2004: Brand Manager, Videx Group, Belgrade
  • 2001: Coordinator, Rectorate of University of Arts Belgrade, Belgrade
  • 2001: Producer, National Theatre Belgrade, Belgrade