Executive education programmes
Applicable knowledge and transferable skills
60% of companies experience difficulties when hiring managers due to a lack of skills and experiences.
Source: Skills for More and Better Jobs in Serbia, World Bank, 2019


As any world-class business school we offer a range of executive education programmes for your development journey. Still, we do it differently.
Choose from over 30+ business and 10+ leadership programmes.

Unique approach

ESEM’s unique approach to executive education and executive education programmes is designed for learning rather than teaching, for immediate impact rather than its promise, for leadership transformation rather than leadership development, for a fully personalised approach bringing you applicable tools and concepts that you actually need.

Our executive education programmes range from immediate needs for boosting your knowledge in a specific area to extended time investment for a transformational journey in all aspects of management.

ESEM executive education programmes address the whole spectrum of your development needs. If you need an immediate boost of specific business skills, explore the available ESEM Executive MBA specialised open courses or other ESEM executive courses and short programmes as well as the ESEM Master classes we offer and regularly update. Advancing your leadership trajectory can be supported by our ESEM leadership open courses – explore and select the ones that suit your needs best.

For systemic, holistic capabilities enhancement and consistent transformative journey, explore the relevant longer programmes, like the ESEM Executive MBA, ESEM Leadership Momentum Programme and others.

Executive MBA

A unique and profoundly transformational 16-month degree programme for executives and mid-career managers
  • Gain a world-class education to boost your career without pausing it
  • Secure an Executive MBA award from ESEM and a Corporate Strategy certificate from SDA Bocconi
  • Acquire future-proof skills along with strong foundational knowledge
  • Supercharge your potential through a transformational leadership journey
  • Apply the knowledge immediately in your workplace and create tangible solutions
  • Experience The ESEM Method, a novel approach to experiential learning for immediate and lasting impact

Accelerated Management Programme

Executive programme cultivating future leaders that impact the world
  • Gain fundamental business knowledge and applicable tools for understanding and managing businesses
  • Discover the meaning of leadership and set your mindset to grow as a leader
  • Acquire management insights from top industry leaders and business executives
  • Experience The ESEM Method, a novel approach to experiential learning for immediate and lasting impact
  • Benefit from expert business mentors on practical business project
  • Start creating a powerful network for life

Leadership Momentum Programme

A unique leadership programme covering the full scope of competencies required for effective leadership
  • Experience the integrative approach to developing leadership competencies
  • Gain a deeper insight into your own leadership strengths and style
  • Create your Personal Leadership Development Plan
  • Develop your capabilities to build and lead high-performing teams
  • Strengthen your skills in negotiation, influencing and managing conflict
  • Experience The ESEM Method, a novel approach to experiential learning for immediate and lasting impact

Executive Courses and Short Programmes

Opportunity to select from plethora of available executive courses and short programmes
  • Gain cutting-edge knowledge via a unique approach to experiential learning
  • Learn specialised functional skills needed for successful managers and business leaders
  • Discover your leadership potential and expand your leadership skills
  • Expand your network meeting other students, professors, coaches and mentors, guest speakers, partner companies
  • Complete individual modules of the Executive MBA programme as open courses and accumulate credits towards the Executive MBA degree

Custom education solutions

Using our unique method we co-create tailor made learning and people development programmes for your organisation directly tied to your strategic objectives. Our faculty and highly experienced experts bring industry specific learning solutions to key challenges your organisation is facing. We take accountability for the results, the subsequent follow-ups and the long term impact on your people and your business.

Business development consultancy

Leverage the experience of our faculty and experts network to help you with concrete business issues or opportunities: digital transformation, innovation, change management, leadership, portfolio strategy… or anything else where external expert perspective and proven knowledge can make a difference.

Development cannot be postponed.

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