Business Fundamentals Programme
Business Fundamentals Programme
Business fundamentals programme for emerging business leaders
Set of foundational skills for the future of work: add value beyond what can be done by automated systems and intelligent machines, operate in a digital environment, continually adapt to new ways of working and new occupations.
Source: McKinsey & Co. Defining the skills citizens will need in the future world of work, 2021

Business Fundamentals Programme

Business fundamentals in a holistic yet condensed, mini MBA like programme to accelerate the career of upcoming young managers

Why enrol

  1. Gain business fundamentals knowledge and applicable tools for understanding and managing businesses
  2. Discover the meaning of leadership and set your mindset to grow as a leader
  3. Acquire management insights from top industry leaders and experts
  4. Experience the ESEM Method, a novel approach to experiential learning for immediate and lasting impact
  5. Benefit from expert counsel on your career development
  6. Start creating a powerful network for life

Who it is for

  • Primarily for young managers at early stage of their career
  • Those who have recently assumed managerial responsibilities
  • Those considered to be the future managerial talent in their
  • Beginner entrepreneurs


  • Strategic business planning and change management
  • Marketing and innovation
  • Operations, supply chains and agile project management
  • Finance and data – business through numbers
  • Art of sales, negotiation and influencing
  • Leadership and communication

+ individual career guidance

What you learn

  • Understand the full business processes
  • Gain insight into business functions
  • Expand the thinking horizon from short-term to long-term
  • Practice how to create business plans
  • Learn how to deal with quantitative business indicators
  • Understand digitalisation and digital transformation across business functions
  • Enhance negotiation power and improve communication skills

How you learn

  • The ESEM Method
  • No lectures – discussions, workshops, peer-to-peer exchange
  • International business leaders as mentors
  • Working in teams on real businesses or social good projects
  • In-company real-life assignments
  • Exposure to and exchange with senior business leaders

Admission and Fee

The Business Fundamentals Programme is best suited for young professionals with some experience who aspire to advance their careers as leaders.

For entry in the programme you should have:

  • 3-5 years working experience
  • Completed BA, BSc degree or higher vocational studies
  • Senior manager’s recommendation letter


€ 2,900 + VAT

You can also apply for a scholarship under certain conditions

We are open for enrolment.

Choose the cohort that suits your schedule best.

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