Custom education solutions
Custom Education Solutions
Learning agenda just right for you and your teams
71% of millennials said they are expecting to leave their employment in the next two years because they are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed.
Source: Deloitte Millennial survey, 2019

Custom Education Solutions

Using our unique method we co-create tailor made learning and custom education solutions for your organisation directly tied to your strategic objectives. Our faculty and highly experienced experts bring industry specific learning solutions to key challenges your organisation is facing. We take accountability for the results, the subsequent follow-ups and the long term impact on your people and your business.

The ESEM Solutions

The ESEM Solutions represents our process to discover your problem (issue or opportunity), co-create the solution, implement it and monitor and measure the results and implications. Learning experience is delivered deploying The ESEM Method, securing personal relevance and immediate impact. We can provide custom education solutions in the wide space of development needs, either within a specific functional domain (finance, digital, operation, marketing, sales etc.) or within general capabilities (individual growth, leadership, strategy, innovation etc.).The exploration stage is critical to properly understand the capability gaps your organisation prioritises for development. We are framing the problem in context of your goals, strategic direction, external circumstances, and individual situations. The next stage takes us jointly towards the desired structure of the learning plan. Joint design sprints are the method to build the learning plan just right for your people, organisational reality, and available resources. We aim for effectiveness and efficiency. Once we are happy with the custom education agenda, the implementation begins. The fundamentals of the ESEM Method are consistently applied even for the custom education solutions, as the advanced and effective pedagogical approach. This approach secures individually relevant interventions and applicable solutions to secure high knowledge retention. Your organisation benefits from our extensive access to world-class international faculty and experts, as well as experienced local mentors. We are flexibly engaging best suited faculty to fit your organisation’s culture and needs. We see our role extending beyond just delivering the learning plan. We take accountability for the immediate and mid-term impact of the custom education solutions on your organisation. Appropriate tracking, follow-ups and impact measurement is integral to the process, with relevant mutual feedback loop.

01 Explore

Frame the problem

02 Structure

Co-create the solution

03 Execute

Run the project

04 Measure

Track the impact and collaborate

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