ESEM MasterClass with Alexander Suhm
Smart decision-making in a transformative world

MasterClass with Alexander Suhm

Smart decision-making in a transformative world

We are honored to welcome professor Alexander Suhm, PhD, a proven business leader and an honorary professor of General Management and Business Consulting at Munich Business School.

In both business and academic fields, professor Suhm excels in embracing change and transforming decision making process in response to the disruptions driven by the Industry 4.0. From breakfast cereals to automotive legendary brands such as BMW, Rover, and Mini Cooper, and recently in AI software development, professor Suhm made a significant impact on transforming and upgrading industries.

In his MasterClass professor Suhm will share his broad experience and effective methodology for decision-making in the digital age. Regardless of the complexity and challenges, clarity in decision-making comes from robust and proven processes. Professor will give insight on how to make sound business decisions despite constant shocks and disruptions that affect decision-making.



Prof. Dr. Suhm is a professor of Business Consulting, Sales, Marketing, and Digital Business at Munich Business School and teaching Consulting at the University of Applied Science Munich. He is also Supervisory Board Member at PDTec and an Advisory Board Member for several AI software start-ups.

His professional career started at Softlab GmbH (BMW Group) as an IT consultant. Over time, he moved to the Executive Board. He was heading Softlab Ltd. in Birmingham UK during the joint venture of BMW and Rover and its dis-aggregation.

Dr. Suhm founded the management consultancy Nexolab GmbH as a joint venture of BMW and Softlab, which he led for 7 years.

He was an equity partner of UNITY AG till 2017 responsible for the branch in Munich and the founding managing director of the subsidiary in Shanghai.

Prof. Suhm graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University Karlsruhe and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

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