ESEM Leadership Certification Track
Communication, Negotiation and Influencing

Communication, Negotiation and Influencing

Maximise your communication and persuasion skills to boost team morale, manage change and risks, and win in business

Key benefits


  1. 1. Boost your communication and storytelling skills

    Cultivate expression and creativity to impact others and inspire your team

  2. 2. Negotiate to win and claim the most benefits

    Improve your negotiation wisdom and learn how to maximise the result in business and life for overall impact

  3. 3. Grow your persuasion abilities

    Expand the impact you and your organisation have on the internal and external environment by proven influencing strategies

Programme overview

What are the levers to move people and inspire true change? How do I deal with internal and external stakeholders in a more meaningful and impactful way? Why is communication considered the pinnacle of leadership skills?

ESEM Communications, Negotiation and Influencing Programme helps organisational leaders improve their communication, networking and drive in business. Human interactions and leadership ability to influence external and internal teams are the foundations of running a successful business and they are crucial to driving change and inspiring people to meaningful action. Concrete toolbox and techniques are practised in groups to achieve maximum persuasion result in sales and any negotiation to drive growth.

The Difference - ESEM - business school
A novel, personalised and continuous learning path.

Learning journey

Blending the theory and applicable tools concept, delivered by top ESEM lecturers, you will exercise real situations, work on live cases, and learn how to lead people as a true motivator that inspires action.

Leadership communication

  • Communicating with impact
  • Organisational storytelling
  • Public speaking
  • Written excellence

Negotiation and influencing

  • Negotiation strategies
  • Art of sales
  • Powerful pitching
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Listening to people
  • Media communications

Who it is for

Best suits managers at mid and higher levels who wish to nurture effective expression for impact. It is perfect for everyone who needs to influence stakeholders on a regular basis and negotiate for superior results. It is an especially good fit for leaders who manage constant change and drive business development, for commercial and marketing executives, external and internal relations managers, project managers and team leaders, and entrepreneurs on the rise in their quest to steady growth.

Unique ESEM learning experience

The ESEM method guides you from academic knowledge to practical implementation, by combining three fundamental stages of learning:

  • Hybrid pre-work and pre-reading
  • Dynamic in class activities
  • Practical real-life project work.

On this learning path, you are supported by dedicated personal mentoring and by world-class professors and business experts. You will be able to implement your learnings by actively working with your class peers in a dynamic setting and in small group discussions and finally implementing the knowledge in a real-life project, designed to have maximum impact for you and your organisation.

Admissions & Fees

The selection process is designed to identify talented professionals from a wide range of academic and business backgrounds.

For entry in the programme you should:

  • Have minimum 4 years of people leadership experience
  • Good competency in English
  • Hold a university degree



The fee for the first cohorts is 2.500 EUR

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What next?

You are three courses away from obtaining your ESEM Leadership Certificate, an unparalleled opportunity to earn validation of your mastering all the competencies and tasks of the most comprehensive leadership programme in the region, regarded by companies and institutions.

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