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Corporate Strategy at SDA Bocconi

Corporate Strategy with SDA Bocconi

This accelerated programme provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to formulate and implement effective growth strategies for their organisation.


  • Joint programme of ESEM Business School and SDA Bocconi
  • Articulate vision, craft a path to success, and implement a strategy for sustainable strategic advantage in the market
  • One-of-a-kind networking opportunity with SDA Bocconi alumni
  • Field study visits to top corporations in Milan
  • Earn the SDA Bocconi and ESEM certificate

Programme overview

  • Create value for all stakeholders and generate synergies across diverse organisational units
  • Formulate growth strategies at an organisational, business unit, and corporate level
  • Gain practical insights into strategic decision-making
  • Drive strategic change within your organisation by using immediately applicable tools

Through a unique learning experience in a globally renowned Business School SDA Bocconi, in Milan, participants will gain practical insights and learn tools for an immediate impact on their organisation’s success.
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Topics covered

  • Interpret the external environment: trends, attractiveness, profitability
  • Internal strategic analysis, resources, and processes of business units, individually and as a portfolio 
  • Defining the most suitable growth path
  • Competitive strategy archetypes and Blue Ocean strategy
  • Developing a solid strategy implementation plan

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Multi-layered learning

The ESEM pedagogical method guides you from academic knowledge to practical implementation, by combining three fundamental stages of learning:

  • Hybrid pre-work and pre-reading
  • Dynamic class activities
  • Practical real-life project work

The participants gain practical tools, cutting-edge concepts, engage in discussions on real-life cases, and debate pertinent issues. Our professors expertly guide the process, facilitating reflective dialogues, fostering collaborative peer-to-peer exchanges, and creating an authentically immersive experience. By employing active learning methodologies, the class sessions are skillfully designed to prioritise learning over mere teaching.
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Admissions and fees

The deadline for applications is April 24th, 2023 so that participants can timely complete each stage of the learning journey.

  • The fee for the programme is 3.500 EUR + travel expenses
  • Call us for special last minute discounts

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