ESEM Leadership Certification Track
Decision Making

Decision Making

Strengthen your rigour, creativity and confidence in making sound decisions in business and in life.

Key benefits

  1. Increasing the ability to define problems not only from their direct content, technical challenge, but also to judge the overall financial/business impact
  2. Improving critical, analytical, creative thinking and problem solving for effective decision-making
  3. Applying a range of different possible strategies and utilising a range of problem-solving tools
  4. Understand and recognise biases in thinking and decision-making for self and the organisation recognise typical pitfalls of ill-informed decision making
  5. Acquire new processes and tools which inspire and cultivate new ways of thinking and decision-making in work and life

Programme overview

Ambition to manage and lead comes with increased impact on others — directly or indirectly. Number of decisions one needs to make as a leader grows exponentially compared to life before. Implications of those decisions can affect individual lives, organisations, external partners, or even societies as a whole. Impact can be physical, emotional, and monetary on a small or larger scale. How to deal with the weight of decision making as a leader? How to apply the appropriate discipline for appropriate scrutiny? How to judge when is the right moment to avoid the paralysis of analysis? How to recognise and preempt the pitfalls our own brains are creating for us? How to become comfortable and confident in your role as decision maker? The concepts, the tools, the real-life application, the individual support from a mentor — advance your decision making capabilities joining our Decision Making course.

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A novel, personalised and continuous learning path.

Learning journey


Problem Framing and Solving


Decision Biases


ESEM Thinking Labs

Who it is for

This programme is for anyone dealing with decision making on regular basis. You may be an aspiring manager or a leader who assumes increased decision making responsibilities. Even experienced managers and leaders can benefit from the programme if they are ready to challenge their own existing decision making practices and improve their decision making skills. The programme also brings a value to business owners with ambitious aspirations for their business.

Unique ESEM learning experience

The ESEM method guides you from academic knowledge to practical implementation, by combining three fundamental stages of learning:

  • Hybrid pre-work and pre-reading
  • Dynamic in class activities
  • Practical real-life project work.

On this learning path, you are supported by dedicated personal mentoring and by world-class professors and business experts. You will be able to implement your learnings by actively working with your class peers in a dynamic setting and in small group discussions and finally implementing the knowledge in a real-life project, designed to have maximum impact for you and your organisation.

Admissions & Fees

The selection process is designed to identify talented professionals from a wide range of academic and business backgrounds.

For entry in the programme you should:

  • Have minimum 4 years of people leadership experience
  • Good competency in English
  • Hold a university degree



The fee for the first cohorts is 2.500 EUR

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What next?

You are three courses away from obtaining your ESEM Leadership Certificate, an unparalleled opportunity to earn validation of your mastering all the competencies and tasks of the most comprehensive leadership programme in the region, regarded by companies and institutions.

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