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ESEM Leadership Certification Track
Leading Self

Leading Self

Obtain the skills to discover your leadership style, get ahead with purpose and resilience. Add value to your team and your company.

Key benefits


  1. 1. Increase your confidence and resilience

    Engage with the science of positive psychology to manage stress and enhance emotional intelligence in the workplace

  2. 2. Boost your productivity and efficacy

    Discover practical techniques to improve your personal energy and time management and learn how to plan strategically

  3. 3. Improve your reputation and grow a personal brand

    Advance your reputation based on your values and ethic and learn next-level networking

Programme overview

What is true and authentic business leadership today? How do I invest intelligently and ignite my leadership style, navigate challenges, reach my full potential to get ahead and lead high-performing teams?

The programme teaches you to maximise your personal capacity using practical tools and techniques from ESEM. You will obtain a greater insight into your individual leadership style, discover how to align it with your company’s culture and goals, and finally — accelerate your career.

This Leading Self programme helps leaders like you, coming from various sectors, to confront the growing changes you, your team and your company are facing. It empowers you to become more confident, more resilient, and more efficient while constantly motivating others to achieve their full ability.

The Difference - ESEM - business school
A novel, personalised and continuous learning path.

Learning journey


Knowing and managing yourself

  • Emotional intelligence at work
  • Managing stress and building resilience
  • Positive psychology
  • Building confidence
  • Personal change

Productivity and efficacy

  • Time management
  • Prioritisation and action plans
  • Energy management

Networking and personal brand

  • Personal values and ethics
  • Managing your network
  • Reputation and personal brand

Who it is for

The programme is for managers at all levels who want to enhance personal leadership skills and build resilience to take on more challenging roles. It is for any professional interested in having an impact on the organisation’s performance and success. It will provide particular benefit to those whose responsibilities include interacting with internal and external stakeholders.

If you are committed to finding your purpose as an authentic and confident leader, to creating a profound impact in your company and to the wider community, this programme is for you.

Unique ESEM learning experience

The ESEM method guides you from academic knowledge to practical implementation, by combining three fundamental stages of learning:

  • Hybrid pre-work and pre-reading
  • Dynamic in class activities
  • Practical real-life project work.

On this learning path, you are supported by dedicated personal mentoring and by world-class professors and business experts. You will be able to implement your learnings by actively working with your class peers in a dynamic setting and in small group discussions and finally implementing the knowledge to a real-life project, designed to have maximum impact for you and your organisation.

Admissions & Fees

The selection process is designed to identify talented professionals from a wide range of academic and business backgrounds.

For entry in the programme you should:

  • Have minimum 4 years of people leadership experience
  • Good competency in English
  • Hold a university degree



The fee for the first cohorts is 2.500 EUR

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What next?

You are three courses away from obtaining your ESEM Leadership Certificate, an unparalleled opportunity to earn validation of your mastering all the competencies and tasks of the most comprehensive leadership programme in the region, regarded by companies and institutions.

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